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Root Energy


Root Energy  Liquid Humic Acid Special for Root Growth


Root Energy is a special fertilizer based on organic humic acid. It combines humic acid, macroelements and chelated microelements with other hormones. It is full water soluble and is suitable for many kinds of crops to spray, drip-irrigate, fertigate, etc.


Humic Acid 4%    Nitrogen(N) 4%         pH:8-9        Black liquid


1.super concentration, full water solubility: It extracts micromolecule humic acid from original mineral, and each drop contains nutrients needed by plant. It is of full water solubility, no deposit, anti-flocculation, and is easy for flushing, drip-irrigating and drenching.

2.rapid availability, promoting rooting: It can recover life fastly when slow seedling, weak roots, and the plant harmed by diseases, pest, etc. High concentrated humic acid solution and efficiently activated root cells growth mechanism can promote root growth, make roots thick, strong and more root hairs.

3.improving soil, protecting roots: It can increase low ground temperature, promote the formation of aggregated soil, increase soil organic matters, regulate soil pH balance and reduce retted, rotted roots.


Seedling fast, trim and strong.

Stems thick& flourishing, roots robust.

More and strong roots, more and vigorous fibrous roots.

Yellow roots and frozen roots recover growth fastly; yellow leaves and diseased leaves turn green fastly.

Recommended Application:

Fertigation:75kg/ha with 1:500-800 rate or together with 8-10kg compound fertilizers.


It is available in 1L,5L,20L,200L or as per request. 

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